Passafire Longshot Tour

In no way did this show disappoint! Night opened up with Audic Empire from Austin,TX. Not being familiar with this band I didn’t even realize they had to start without their lead singer until they mentioned he was running late. Bass player and vocalist, James Tobias held it down without hesitation and instantly got the crowd groovin’. When, lead singer, Ronnie Bowen showed up he brought a whole new energy level. Killer vocals, steady groove,  this band is a must see.
Ronnie Bowen – Vocals, Guitar
James Tobias – Vocals, Bass
Travis Brown – Lead Guitar
Jess Leonard – Drums
Carver Ripley – Keys

“A curiously fun mix of ska, Reggae and good ole’ punk rock” is how Bumpin’ Uglies out of Maryland like to describe their music. They were second to take the stage, and have been touring with Passafire most of the year with good reason! Bumpin’ Uglies really have a sound that draws you in, solid beats, moving bass lines, it’s an all around good time with these guys. They even brought up members from the other bands to help them out on a couple songs. Everyone love them and I’ll be sure to catch another show.
Brandon Hardesty – Vocals, Guitar
Dave Wolf – Vocals, Bass
TJ Haslett – Drums
Chad Wright – Vocals, Keys, Sax

Since my husband, Chris, showed me Passafire’s music in 2013 I KNEW I had to see them live. As luck would have it, in 2014 we had just move out of TX when they came and then JUST moved out of PA when they went there. Then I was having a baby when they came to Austin in 2016. So FINALLY we had our chance and there was no way I was going to miss them this time around. I’m so glad we were able to catch their show at Jack’s Bar in San Antonio, and even though I don’t like crowds of people (to the point of flipping out, when people rub/bump into me) it was SO worth it. They are just as good live as they are on their records! I was super impressed with their musical talent and loved their stage presence, I felt star struck. (Bravo guys! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼) I even forgot I hated crowds of people a few times.😉

They also love their fans, making it a point to play requested songs and they played every song I had requested via Facebook (😭 THANK YOU). I felt like I was dreaming and didn’t want the night to end. Fortunately, after the show they came out to hang with everyone. Of course I bought a shirt and had everyone sign it, totally wanted to ask for a picture with all of them but chicken out cause I didn’t want to be the “pain-in-the-ass-when-we-want-to-chill” fan. 😂 These guys need to keep making music. Their words are soulful, deep, and inspiring, helping me though some of my darker days. And the way they each compliment each other musically is unlike anything else. Encourage these guys to keep touring (cause you know it ain’t easy). Buy an album, buy some bad ass merch, and definitely make it a priority to make it to a show (and drop them a little extra cash if you got it, cause you know could afford to spare at least $10), just to help them spread the love a little further.
Ted Bowne – Guitar/Lead Vox

Will Kubley – Bass/Vox
Mike DeGuzman – Keys
Nick Kubley – Drums
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#PositiveVibes all day. Much Love.
-Courtney @awkwardann

*Extra little shout-out to Nick for being the only one to ask my name, southern hospitality at it’s best, much appreciated.

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